Terms and Conditions

1- This offer is valid with 24 months commitment.
2- This offer is valid for new and existing lines.
3- Roaming & International service will be automatically activated.
4- Roaming Units: Roaming Minutes OR SMS applied only with Ooredoo Roaming Partners.
5- Data roaming capacity will be apply only with Ooredoo Roaming Partners.
6- Fair Usage Policy is available on Ooredoo website.
   - FUB for SMS is 2000 local SMS
   - FUB for voice is:
   - Shamel 15,21&30 is 10,000 local minutes.
   - Shamel 40 is 40,000 local minutes.
7- The commitment period stated in this appendix shall commence as of the date of signature, until the completion of the commitment period and/or the completion of installments if exist; commitment period will be extended until the completion of all installments if exist.
8- Without prejudice to the provision of article 7 in B2B Contract, should Ooredoo agree to reactivate the line (MSISDN) if suspended for any reason, suspension period will not be counted from the commitment period, and commitment period will be extended for duration equivalent to of the suspension period.
9- International calls and Roaming charges apply as per the conditions.
10- Customer will be charged 150 Fils/MB upon breaching data roaming allowance with Ooredoo roaming partners
11- The terms and conditions herein shall prevail in case of whatsoever contradiction with the terms and conditions of the subscription form.
12- The line (MSISDN) activated under this appendix will maintain active on the regular fees, Ooredoo may migrate the Line (MSISDN) to any other rate plans as maybe available at the time, unless a written termination request is submitted to Ooredoo. Also it is mandatory for customers to commit to the highest rate plan and longest period in case of cancelation during the commitment period.
13- In case of migration to prepaid, transfer of ownership and/or change or downgrading of Rate Plan during the commitment period, all installments and offer termination fees shall become payable upon billing. However, upgrade of Rate Plan is permitted if approved by Ooredoo.
14- Reactivation of the line (MSISDN) that was activated under this appendix is not permitted if termination occurs during the commitment period.
15- Subscription and usage charges for voice and data rates are additional to the charges of the offer and handset installment amounts (if exists).

1- Fair usage policy shall apply; connectivity speed will be reduced if package capacity is exceeded and additional charges shall apply for both voice and data services.
2- Device warranty if exist will be valid as of the signature date hereof.
3- Ooredoo will not refund any paid amounts
4- Customer may not sell the device associated with this offer in case of settlement unless all installments are completed and paid.
5- Additional services will be chargeable on top of the charges of the selected rate plan.
6- By signing on this appendix, customer expressly accepts to change his active rate plan as per the promotion in this appendix.
7- VAS (value added services) is not included as a part of the cumulative subscriptions with this promotion to meet the minimum requirements.

In the occurrence of any of the following Termination events within the commitment period, the customer shall be liable to pay the termination fees stated in the offer table herein for each line in addition to , any service discount, credit to bill and cost of free devices and lines value received by the customer as part of the offer herein:

1- Line is terminated voluntary by the customer.
2- Line is terminated by Ooredoo due to misuse of the service or delayed payments.

 Customer will be subject to a penalty charges as in to the following:

A. Any discount/subsidy given on the devices, plus the total remaining installments.

3- Customer resells or uses the SMS service included within the voice lines for advertising purposes.
      - In Termination events (1, 2 & 3) the lines under customer account will be taken back by Ooredoo.
4- Porting out during the commitment period.
      - Note: Any free SIM will be terminated automatically as a result of the occurrence of any of the Termination events.
      - Business internet penalties are Rate plan + remaining device installments
      - Full device cost if the device is free

By signing on this appendix, customer accept all terms and conditions herein; and confirm that all information given under this appendix are complete and accurate; customer further acknowledges that Ooredoo has the right to take any legal action should the customer violate the terms and conditions and/or disagree bringing forth any due payment.